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      Tax on new items in my container?


      Im looking at buying a new bike to put inb my container cause I think they will be cheaper here but I am a bit confused about the tax implications.

      I was told that you cant bring in anything under 12 months old cause they can tax you but then I read a thread somewhere where someone was going to import a cooker and as long as it was under $1000 it was tax free.

      Can anyone please clarify the position so I know whether to go out and buy this or not.

      Many thanks


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      My friend bought two brand new sofas for her container and she removed all the packaging and was prepared to say they were a few years old - just well looked after. Re a bike: A used one would have to be steam cleaned for the journey making it look new, wouldnt it?................

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      As long as its for your own personal use they don't bother, if you were bringin in 8-10 bikes they may just question that. I bought 2 new sofas, 2 new futons, 2 new double beds 2 new rugs and loads of new beddin and larger size clothes for the kids etc. You could always ask the shop to make out a receipt with a 2009 date, if you explain why they may do it.
      We came out 3 yrs ago so it could have changed, if in doubt ask the removalists, they are pretty much up to date.
      We ventured into the unknown and are ready to do it all again..

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