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      Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
      How did he wing that one????

      So he gets a nice relaxed flight and you get screaming, bored kids and stress.

      now I must speak to Tracey about something............................

      He pulled the "Its not fair to drag the kids round doing all the boaring stuff and plus I can get so much more done on the job/ house front if I'm not worrying about you 4 all the time" line. Plus to be fair to him he is going to meet us in singapore all relaxed and non jet laged so I can through the kids at him and collaps rather than us all getting their tiered ratty and horible. At least thats the theory

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      Its takes approx 8 weeks for a container to arrive at port in Adelaide. Also you are supposed to arrive before the container so you can be there if any problems crop up.

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      We booked our flights (in Aug 06 for Jan 07) before i had applied for my defacto visa (Oct 06) which should have taken 4-6 weeks. (Partner already had his visa)

      But it was a close thing due to a medical condition and could have taken extra time (4-6 weeks extra) if visa application had to be sent to Sydney instead of London, but luckily it was processed very quick (nine days).

      Very stressful, but all good in the end



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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachel & Jeff View Post
      PSS told me they can't send our container until we have the visa but you will be without your stuff for the same number of weeks whichever way it is done.
      I think we can probably cope better without in OZ if we rent fully furnished for a few weeks.

      Okay thats interesting, not realised that . Thanks everyone for your input..good advice and cant wait until it becomes a reality.

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