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      Advice on importing car

      Hi - I'm thinking of buying a BMW or Jag in the UK, and shipping it over here. Does anyone have advice please? What is the cost? Is there a way around paying the duty on second hand cars etc?


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      i think you have to have owned it for 12 months before you can import it.
      Bringing it in in pieces is the only way that i know of to get around the tax, and the prestige car tax, and more tax.

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      For starters you will only get an import permit if you have owned the vehicle for more than 12 months when you apply for it. If you want more info about the process of importing a vehicle please PM me with an email address and I'll send you my fact sheet, as I imported mine last year and have a friend who is a supervisor in the vehicle inspectorate. And of course there isn't a way of avoiding the GST and Duty unless your car is below the value threshold for paying it! The GST and Duty have to be paid before they will release your car from the bonded area they keep it in - I think they may have seen that one coming before!
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