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    Thread: costs of new motorbikes in Adelaide

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      costs of new motorbikes in Adelaide

      hi everyone,
      Can anybody tell me the cost of new motorbikes over there?
      I dont know whether to buy a new one over here in sunny England and get it shipped over there or buy a new one over there. The bike that i am after is a BMW R1200RT so if anybody could give me the price of one i would be very appreciative.

      p.s i was joking about the sunny England bit

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      Hi Chris I was going to export a Triumph Daytona but its just not worth the hassle anymore, they changed the rules this year about bringing a bike over. You need to prove you are committed to stay and a visa is no longer enough. They wanted employment contract, rental agreement, bills with australian addresses on and the list goes on. I think bikes a more costly to buy from what I found out, especially used ones as they hold their value so much, but unless you are bringing a bike with sentimental value then personnaly I wouldn't bother. I have a link on here somewhere with some more info, give me a bit of time and I'll look it up.
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      Hopefully this link will work Chris


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      My mate has BMW R1200 motorbike - it's bloody huge!
      Heated grips and seats.Big fairing and so on - a real cruiser.

      He went up to QLD to get his used model.Very low milage.

      I hear they are around $50,000 - if it's the same model

      I'll ask Al what he paid for it when I see him next.

      Some for sale here....

      Used BMW motorcycles for sale, used BMW bikes for sale - bikesales.com.au

      Bmw Gs 1200 For Sale - Yakaz Motorcycles
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      If you haven't owned it for a year before you ship it over, forget it - they won't let you import it as a personal vehicle - you'll get put in the same category as a commercial importer of new vehicles and charged accordingly (i.e. it'll be very expensive and you'd be better off buying over here).

      I imported my bike over last year, but I'd owned it since 2007.


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      vehicles including bikes keep there value massively here so maybe worth the hassle of bringing it. i didnt and regret it.

      One thing to consider though is how bad the drivers are here. They are the worst ive ever seen and ive been to the far east!!!!!
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