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    Thread: Woo Hoo our stuff has finally got here!!

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      Woo Hoo our stuff has finally got here!!

      Can't explain how happy I am today, after our belongings were packed 15 weeks ago, today they have passed their quarantine inspection and have been told they will be with us next week.

      I have one HAPPY 4 year old!! He has been saying he wants to go back to England , because he misses his Woody and Buzz and all his toys, I can safely say that next week it will feel like Christmas in our house!!!

      I have had many furious battles with the company we chose to go with in the end ,****** (please pm for company's name)****, we thought they were good value for money, being told most shipments take 6-8 weeks, 12 at the absolute most, yeah right, it will be 16 weeks next week.. we found out that they stored our stuff in a warehouse for 4 weeks before sending it..
      What we saved in shipping costs compared to the other quotes we got we have spent more moeny this end getting all of stuff we couldn't wait for.. we could have handled 5-9 weeks without it, but 16?? my poor 8 months old has been sleeping in a travel cot since we arrived on the 17th of June. He will feel he's in heaven when his cot arrives.

      Well , looks like a Garage sale will be on the cards when everything is sorted, we have everything now, except the cot and toys that we can pretty much sell everything!! What a huge expense and a waste of time, but Im sitting here forgetting most of the stuff I packed and will be grateful I brought it all in the end.. just wished we brought our Super King Duvet

      Good Luck with your shipments and I would NOT recommend ******(please pm for company's name) ****** to anyone ever!
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      Congratulations!!!! Really pleased that your stuff has arrived in one piece. Ifyu have any baby stuff you are thinking yu don't need any more let me know!
      Julia xxx
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      Thanks Julia, hope you are putting those feet up!!!- it took us five months to get my husbands partner visa, with no complications, not much doubt we were a genuine couple having had three children and lived together for five years, so it does take time, for even the simplest visa's, if worst comes to worst can you not get a bridging visa? they cant make you leave for a few months to return when the visa is granted? It makes me so cross to hear about all the good people who have such a hard time, my brother knows of a Chelsea football hooligan with a criminal record as long as me and he is able to come and go when ever providing he provides a police check everytime he returns, he has residency here now... so if they can let people like that in the must be able to let people in that are honest and good. Chin up and keep going! and go to the beach today, how nice is the weather!!

      Back to the subject above, I havent received it yet, hope its not all broken!! time will tell. I will have loads of baby stuff.. most of it is boys, from 6months+ also have brought loads of baby toys too , most of them brand spanking new, I have extra travel cots and allsorts, so you will have first refusal when I sort it all out.. and over the next few years as it is deemed outgrown by Ollie, and he is our last bubba.

      Try to relax and remember the reasons why you wanted to come here, and try and forget the faceless voices on the other end of the phone who are just doing a job, not realising they are playing with peoples lives and emotions with their 'relaxed attitudes'.

      xx Danni
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      Nothing like getting your stuff :) I remember my parents packing trunks of stuff to ship over here. Haha by the time they arrived and we unpacked it was like ....why did we ever think we'd need that....Sometimes when you have gone without stuff for a while, you realise you didn't really need it in the first place or it is now totally unsuitable. I'm still REALLY, REALLY glad my hand luggage which prob weighed about 20kg was full of my son's picture books and his brio train set and 20 yrs later we still have all of these and I'm still glad I brought them instead of my nice kitchen containers Hand luggage was so heavy , I could only walk about 20 metres without putting it down.
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      (thanks for the edit Rachiegarlo, I understand your reasons)- Im all for keeping the peace..

      my frustration comes purely because my husband works in removals so is in my ear not helping the matter!! seeing our crates in the company's yard yesterday was hard to see when my hubbie and a few lads from work could have picked it up and we'd have it by now.. but will have to wait till next week..
      the fact my four year old is miserable without his toys and says everyday he wants to go back to England because he misses his toys and friends, makes it hard, when I was the one who wanted to come here and basically dragged my husband.

      I have just finished a very long email to 'said' company in UK.. so am hoping for some sort of compensation as I have now greatly gone out of pocket buying more clothes for our rather porky 8 month old (he was 5 months when we arrived, i packed 6-9 months stuff, he is 9 months in 6 days..) he has out grown everything!!

      BUT I am ever the positive.. and still will wait patiently.. just glad I didnt have to pay any extras with fumigation (and i didnt use any cleaning products etc) so a big PHEW on that front..our only out of expenses this side was $230 for Quarintine Inspection Fee so think from other stories we have got off lightly.

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      I am sooo jealous!

      Kids don't believe me now when I say 'it will be here soon....!'
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      Congratulations on it arriving here. It seems to take forever but you so appreciate it when you get it. We only got ours six weeks ago as decided not to ship our stuff until we had a place and a job (hubbies decision not mine - doing good impression of the dog in Wacky Races). Roughed it on blow up lilo's and colouring books etc. Now feels like heaven. Kids did also settle down after they got their toys but packed some back up as not got the room and they haven't missed them.
      Good luck with the unpacking and re-organising and re-organising.
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      Hi Danni,

      It will be like all your Christmas's rolled into one. The best feeling ever, EVEN i got excited when I unpacked my pans, but most of all unpacked all the kiddy stuff first. The kids beds, toys, clothes etc.
      The look on their faces.....priceless...

      Good luck
      Prema x

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      Feels like christmas eh?

      Enjoy your presents....


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      Which is a great thing!! I was in labour on christmas day last year so missed out all together!! although I got a fantastic day before new years eve present of a 8lb bundle of hunky chunkyness!!
      Nothing can beat that!!


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