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      The Broadheads

      changing driving license

      Hi all,
      Does anyone know if you have to have the paper part of your UK driving license to change it over to SA? And if so, what happens if you've lost it!!!!

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      When we changed ours they weren't interested in the paper part. We just showed the photo card and paid some money and voila we had a lovely Ozzie licence.

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      The Broadheads
      Phew, I've had every bit of paperwork we posses out and all over the floor!!!!
      At the minute everything I try do do seems like no matter how much stuff I take with me, I've got something missing that I need. I didn't dare go to do my license without the paper bit incase I lost it with someone
      Nic x

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      The Broadheads
      p.s. It's funny seeing your profile. Really good friends of our in the UK are called Sarah and Peter and they have twins hahahaha x

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      we only used the plastic lience,they didnt ask for the paper

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      The Broadheads
      Thanks, I'm going to give it a go :)

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