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    Thread: Which home comforts can we take to Aus?

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      Gravy Salt - I've hunted high and low but had to get my folks to bring it over with them.

      Radiators / heaters and TVs
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      Who says we didn't understand? There was a 'LOL' after my statement, after all.

      Calm doon!


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      I'm taking it you mean foodstuff wise.

      If you like Marmite, stock up with it. It is expensive in Aus. Heinz Salad cream would be another :p

      I know things like Bisto isn't available there but tbh its not many months of the year you'd be wanting stuff with gravy. So consider people can ship it over if you want a few packs every now and again. Its fairly lightweight.

      They won't let you bring in herbs and spices generally, so leave those off. And as has been said no meat, veggies, fresh stuff etc. Packets of biscuits and dried foods are generally ok. But read the Aus gov list that was linked to.

      TBH though I found you can usually find something similar or that you like as much as even if its different. Crisps I found a few I liked, same with squash (cordial in Aus). I had a bit of a struggle with plain natural yogurt and son refused point blank to eat any of the Aussie ones we got in.

      Its often a case of adapting to the variations of what you are used to. I found a ketchup that I liked more than Heinz (Beerenburg http://www.beerenberg.com.au/ ) and also their conserves are pretty much on a par to the ones I like in the UK. Same with a few other things.

      However, I did struggle with finding anything close to chocolate that I liked. Because of the heat the standard Cadbury's/Mars stuff has added ingredients and so does taste noticeably different. Enough so I really didn't like it. And as I am a Green & Black's girl in the UK I ended up going to Haigh's and buying the odd bar from there. Really good quality choccy. I'd rather eat one small pricer decent tasting bar than 10 cheaper crappy tasting things.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Squareman View Post
      You can get Bisto gravy in the UK shop at Glenelg. As for the duvet, you'll only need that 1 week of the year! LOL
      Is that this week then?? bbbrrrrrr
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