Hey everyone,

I need a quick vote or mass of opinions. Ive had my stuff collected and now I can either pay for groupage shipment or LCL shipment. Anglo Pacific have just released a container to Adelaide so I will have to wait about 2 weeks before my stuff will go if groupage.

Groupage- 1700, 10-14 weeks to my door
LCL- 3400, 8 weeks to my door

I will have my own place by August aswell, so its a month- 6 weeks of sleeping on the floor and without my possesions or possibly reducing that to only 1 week.

I am getting relocation expenses, but whatever I dont spend on shipment, I can spend on other things. Currently leaning on going LCL, as its not my money and I will be getting my clothes, bed, bikes etc much quicker.

Need reassurance that paying more for quicker access is better. Or if not why not? I want to make the call by this weekend! Oh, Im going on my own aswell and arrive early July.