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      Question What is public transport like in the South?

      I am in holiday accommodation in Woodcroft and was wondering how easy it is for teenagers to get around to places in the school holidays. I am also looking at renting in Morphett Vale and Reynella East areas. I wondered if the public transport was good and if they could get to the beach,shopping centres and cinema from there. If not any ideas what the local kids do in the holidays?


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      look at adelaide metro website and look at timetables. North south i would suggest is fine but going accross towards beach may need looking at.Buses go between hubs eg. (this was 4 years ago) to get from HC to ab Park by bus meant either going up to marion or down to noarlunga then to ab park. 7/8 minute car journey turns into 40/50 minute bus journey. may have changed by now , take a look..............im sure you would get to noarlunga fine though

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      My kids use public transport a lot and although not from Woodcroft, if there's a way to do it, they will find it!

      Like Smit says, there does seem to be a fair bit of changing going on, it can take a looong time but armed with a multi trip ticket they seem perfectly happy. And in some ways it seems to be fun! From the planning to the actual journey, when you are with your mates it all adds to the fun of the day!

      We are nearer Kingston/ Seacliff etc but the kids seem to prefer Port Noarlunga (bloomin' jetty jumping and great hot chips lol) which I think is easier for you anyway. If it's at all warm, the beach is their place of choice for the hols, but Marion is always good, as is the BMX track, skate parks or hanging on the reserve/park/oval! Probably like kids anywhere :)


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      Thanks for replies I will look at the bus timetables.

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      Quote Originally Posted by DebbieLo View Post
      Thanks for replies I will look at the bus timetables.
      What's public transport like? Good cause I drive it lol lol
      Don't bother with timetables just yet, wait till after 2/10/11 cause it's all bout to change again

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