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    Thread: 3200 for 3/4 container shared, 3900, for full container sole use has anyone

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      3200 for 3/4 container shared, 3900, for full container sole use has anyone

      got any recent experince with a shared container. for the extra 700 I dont really have any 'must have' stuff to put in it. We have 2 new sofas but have kept an L shape corner leather sofa which we were originally going to take and pram/ cot as we hope to have another baby in oz. However weve no idea on size of house we are going to be able afford until we can secure jobs so didnt want to just fill it for the extra 700 for the sake of it.

      I just dont want to be stuck in an unfurnished rental waiting for our stuff to turn up.
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      Afaik shared containers can take longer to ship as they have to wait to fill them. So you could be waiting a fair few weeks longer than having a sole use to yourself. I think the extra weeks mentioned are anything from 4-6, sometimes longer for a shared one to arrive.

      Depending on how you are planning to manage in those early weeks (ie with a temp furnished place) or just making do with an air mattress and the very basics till your stuff arrives, consider the wait times. Talk to the shipping company.

      I know for us we plan to ship our stuff out at least a few weeks before we leave. And then to head off on holiday or stay with family/friends here till we go. So less time to wait at the other end for our stuff. Also we have plenty of family in Adelaide already so won't be stuck for stuff or a place to stay in those early weeks.

      Every situation is different so work out what suits you best. If using the 700 at the other end and opting for a shared containers is better, then go for it. Use the 700 to buy the basics, a couple of air mattresses, cheap plates and a few pots etc might be the way to go.

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