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      flying with 9 month old

      Hey everyone
      For those of you already in Adelaide i am sure you are enjoying the sunshine and having fun times.... for others who are nearly there, or on their way soon (like us!) we CAN"T WAIT!

      Just wondering about flying with young ones - we have a little darling 9 month old and wondered if anyone could pass on their experience about flying with babies/young children. I see that you can get bassinette seats but think she may be too big for a one now, so does she just sit on our knee?

      I am sure someone can advise us on what to do and any other tips would be appreciated. We are only flying from New Zealand, so lucky for us, it will only be a 4 our flight

      take care

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      Get the bassinet, she will fit in and it gives you a bit more freedom.

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      Definitely try and get a bassinet seat. We flew out to see the inlaws when my son was 3 months old and he luckily slept most of the way. My wife went out on her own when he was 12 months old and he wasnt quite so obliging but at least with the bassinet she was able to get a few minutes respite. Even if they dnt sleep in it the little one can play with its toys in a confined space and not get stepped on.

      There is a weight limit on the bassinet but cant remember waht it is unfortunately. Might be worth ringing the airline. Ou son has alsways been a bit big for his age so I'm guessing you will be ok at 9 months old.

      We are emigrating later this year and he will be 2 years old. Not looking forward to that as he is only still when he's asleep


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      thanks for those replies, great help .

      will definatley opt for the bassinette seat then!!


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