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      Flat packs - new furniture, boxes, - will they charge tax even though Ive tried to

      make them look old..... Also I have bought furniture which I have kept original boxes for, kids toys also in orginal boxes.

      Also mamas and papas travel system, 4 years old, but kept original boxes.....plan to have a baby over there and is like new, hence taking, boxes don't look new though.

      I do have a some new flat packs from Ikea and Argos aswell, just wondering if they will slam me with tax, if they do does anyone know what percentage this is.

      I know theres Ikea in Adelaide but what Ive bought is 3 time more to buy there and will need when we first arrive so would have been spending uk pounds.



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      I think that what they are really looking for is items brought in that are obviously going to be resold, so multiple new things, etc, so I would think you'd be fairly safe with the things you've mentioned. If they do decide to charge, I imagine that it'll be the same as items posted in (though I could be very wrong) in which case for general goods it's 10% gst + import duty, which adds up to roughly 15%.
      I'm sending some new things from IKEA too (that they don't sell at the little Adelaide one) so hoping for the best!

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      thanks, I'm at the point now of what it costs it costs.. still gona be cheaper than buying it there. Its only the Hemnes set from ikea, when I cheked to make sure they do the matching furniture in OZ I realised that the same chest here cost 149 and wud be 350 if I bought there!.. no brainer. I know it's allrelative if you are earning Australian, but we would have gone straight there to buy it from UK money.

      So all sorted before we go, one less thing to do there. xxxxxso stressfull If we were to come back I'd leave it all there, could do this again !!! Nothing good comes easy and will be worth it. x

      Good luck with your move.


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      Thanks Rachael. Good luck with yours too!



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