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    Thread: which one is better the VORT or CBT&A in driving :/

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      which one is better the VORT or CBT&A in driving :/

      im currently learning to drive and i dont know which one of these tests to do, i could really do with some ideas on which one is best.

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      Are you learning with an instructor or family? If you're having lessons with an instructor anyway, you may as well get him to tick off the stuff in the logbook, but if not, then the test might be a better - well, cheaper anyway - way to go.
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      Thankyou for getting back to me, i have been out with family twice but thinking of having a few lessons with an instructor to get used to the roads.
      Do you know how much the Practical test is ?

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      I dont know what you are learning in but...........our 2 learnt in auto and then i taught them manual a few months after they were out on the road. They had the road skills then and only had to think about the clutch!!!. It took fewer lessons to get their license hence cheaper.........and their instructor was cool with that....cheers Spider
      think our oldest done the test..............youngest might have done , not sure

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      Vort test- down side is you only get 1 shot to pass , so if your going down that road make sure you are fully ware of road rules etc before sitting your test.

      CBT& A - more relaxed way to go , just work your way through your book ticking of as you go , then when your instructor thinks your ready he will ask you if you want to do it, plus you just sit it with him , he will make sure you pass , each person is different with regards how quick you pick it up , hence could be expensive if you require loads of lessons , good luck .

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      Thankyou everyone for getting back to me on this one,
      Thankyou Sailorrae for that it has helped me loads i think i know which one to day now thankyou
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