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      Lightbulb Address Required ?

      Hello there,

      We have just got to the stage of booking our container & flying out the dog, both of these
      are requesting an address in Australia, obviously we have not got one yet as we are still in the uk, has anyone any advice on what to do?


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      Hi Louise

      We are at exactly the same stage as you. We are lucky to have friends who live in Mildura, VIC and are using their address temporarily until we get an Aussie address in a few weeks time. If you don't have any friends or relatives over there, maybe someone on here would kindly let you use their address as your contact address temporarily until you have an address out there? Just a suggestion, hope you get sorted.

      Traci x

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      We explained the situation to our shipers(johnmason) and they have used the adress of t6he port in Adelaide as the shiping adress and we will let them know the final destination when we have one

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      Thanks Traci, and good luck with the move, we arrive in August and starting to panic now !!


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