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      My Partner and I are moving down under in the middle of March at first we'd like to hire a car for at least a year has anyone any suggestions which company is the best value for money.

      We have accommodation for the first month (thank goodness) and like the car we plan to rent for the 1st year we have been looking around areas and love the look and feel of the houses further out of the town center but as we are a young couple we would still like to be able to try out the bars and see what the center has to offer. So what I am asking is, if we did rent a house outside the center would we have to spend a small fortune on taxis. Are taxis expensive are there, the same as the UK or cheaper???

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thanks Katie & Gavin

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      Rob and Clare
      Hi Katie and Gavin

      If you've got some cash you may be better off buying a car, the car prices, in particular for european cars don't fall as quickly so you can't lose too much, and although it would be a pain to sell towards the end, there will always be people you can trust to help.

      If you did rent ouside the Centre then where would you go, best areas for nights out are the CBD, Unley, Norwood, North Adelaide and Melbourne Street, i think as long as you can get a train to these areas you will be ok, we pay around $20 for a 10km taxi ride from the city to mawson, which isn't too bad....

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      Thanks so much for your advice and information I make sure I'll put it to good use. Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine.

      Thanks again

      Katie and Gavin

      PS : I noticed that Clare works for defence its not at BAE by any chance? I only ask because that where Gavin's job is.

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      Rob and Clare
      Clare used to work for Tenix, but they've just been purchased by BAE, so now she does work for them but not at the BAE headquaters in Edinburgh, We have some friends who do work there though, the defence industry is very incestuous and most people seem to do the rounds with all the companies in the area.

      Is it just a year your coming over for ? Is there a chance of a longer contract or are you not so interested ?

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      I agree with Rob and Clare. Cars seem to really hold their value here and so I think that you would be betetr off if you were to buy one.
      A taxi out to here from the city ranges from 50 -60 dollars!

      There are loads of good bars in and around town, PM me if you need any other info.

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      We are hoping to stay longer but we'll have to see what happens with Gavin's contract. Thanks again for all your help and info.

      Katie & Gavin

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