Hi there
We arrive in Adelaide at the beginning of June and are only just now arranging for the cats to come out
The reason being that we did our research last year and then when we came to start the process we found that the quarantine rules had changed in January this year
The cats were neutered and chipped but not rabies vaccinated. We knew we would have to have them jabbed and they would have to spend 30 days in quarantine in Melbourne (Adelaide does not have a quarantine centre) before we could get them
However when we started the paperwork we found out that they had to wait 30 days after the jab before having a blood test and then another 180 days after a positive blood test was recorded before they could enter Australia, although the 30 days quarantine could be the last 30 days of this 180
My Mum came to the rescue and has had them whilst we came on out
We are using a company called Airpets in Staines near Heathrow
They are charging 2300 to collect tehcats from Worcestershire and do the necessary to ge them to Melbourne
In the meantime we have to contact Melbourne and arrange the 30 day quarantine period which I think is about $40 a day
We then have to get them delivered to Adelaide or collect them ourselves
Give Airpets a call, they are very friendly and will provide a quote for you at no cost
I hope this helps and all goes well with your move