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      Amie Briggs

      Need Advice

      not been on the site for a while as busy completing my MAMMOTH nurse registration documents!!!
      Any way we have decided we must come for a look about and check the area out properly (husband is well sensible!!) Prob not gonna be able to come till kids oct half term so still continuing with application process in hope we would be perm out by 2009!! (never know)
      Anyway,should i wait to book Oct flights or do it now? Have spent forever on t"internet and looking at 2800 quid for the four of us. Does it get cheaper if you leave it?
      Also whats the temp like then?
      Lastly can anyone recommend a site or agent through which we can rent house for 3 weeks?

      Looking forward to your replies.

      Amie,Ian,martha and little nancy

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      A few years ago I was in Adelaide for a holiday Sept/Oct It was a bit chilly but nothing compared to home and we did have a few really good days. Regards rental check out Realestate.com/au, rentalsinoz.com or a few people on the forum have rentals, so you may get a reply if you post a query in the Renting and Real Estate section.
      As regarding the flights you could check out Airline Networks web page I have found sometimes they are cheaper than going direct to the Airline, if you wait too close to the time you may find flights are full. Good Luck

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      Amie Briggs
      Thank you for advice.
      Think i"ll just get on and book it as seems like ok price in comparison to the hundreds of other sites i,ve checked out.
      Used to easyjet prices to me folks in Mayorca for hols so anthing above 200 quid seems steep!!!
      Cheers again
      Amie and cox

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      Hi there

      Just to compare we paid 2701.00 with Quantas to leave 23/3/08. 2 adults 2 kids. Its really hard booking as I know how we all want a good deal. Im terrible. However I looked over a 2 week period I only booked in Jan 08. I used Opodo Travel and called other agents and they couldnt be beat. we are flying from Newcastle.

      Kimberley x

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      Amie Briggs
      Thanks Kimberley looks like thats the cost. worth it though i feel to get out of here!
      Amie,Ian,martha and Nancy

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