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      car prices

      we know petrol,s about half the price as it is over here,.. but what price the cars them selves, how do they compare to blighty? are new cars cheaper or what, are there bargains to be had in the used car area. do cars depreciate as much as over here.
      any feed back welcome.

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      Cars are not too badly priced,unless you want some of the European makes such as BMW,Mercedes and Audi.

      Second hand cars hold their money longer as cars last longer here.Well the bodywork does as there is a lot less rust.

      I've known quite a few people buy brand new as the nearly new prices are nearly the same.

      Have a look at these sites to give you an idea on price.




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      What about Insurance and tax, do you know how they compare

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      Sorry Tyke
      but could you also give me an idea of what makes and models are 6-7 seater, I put people movers in on that web site you gave but am only getteng buses
      I know I have 4 kids but really don't plan to fill a bus

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      taylor family


      hi I have three kids and have a toyota kluger v6 all weel drive one exelent family car not big and bulky but very good and not to big and yes it is a 7 seater but as tyke has said they hold their money mine cost 33.000 plus on road costs because had very low mileage had it 9 months and could get 32.000 for it .

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      Great thanks, if you don't mind me asking roughly what is Insurance

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      taylor family


      Hi its about $680 fully comp then rego is I think $650 + you have stamp duty to pay on sale of car that cost us $1300 hope that helps.

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      Quote Originally Posted by taylor family View Post
      Hi its about $680 fully comp then rego is I think $650 + you have stamp duty to pay on sale of car that cost us $1300 hope that helps.
      Thanks Al
      $680 fully comp is great compared to what we pay in Northern Ireland (some British insurers won't even insure us). We pay for the privelege of having loads of joy riders and whip lash claims

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      You have a good choice of cars & dealerships here whether you buy new or not. It all depends what you want to pay. The links Tyke sent you are great to give you the idea of prices in $ for specific makes.

      We have a Nissan X-Trail & we brought it after a week of arriving, its 4 years old this year. I think my insurance was $420 fully comp with Budget.com
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