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    Thread: Cars = Shipping, Import, Tax, MOT = HELP please :)

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      You will pay GST on the value of the car and shipping, import duty @ 5%, stamp duty on the cars value to register it at 0.3% ish, vehicle inspection fees at $300. This is without all the mods you will have to make to allow it to be driven here including rear child restraint mounts (irrespective of whether you have kids or not). Also I still believe you have to have owned the car for 12 months even under the pre 1989 scheme. Minis were not made in your body shape at all (all have external hinges here) so body parts if you have any kind of accident here will have to be shipped from the UK. This is coming from someone who has shipped two cars here already. See here http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...ng-cars-2.html
      As an old Mini owner I couldn't think of a worse car to bring for everyday use! Costwise you are looking at double your shipping figure of 1450 - possibly more. What is your current car?

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      A guy up the road from us owns several minis, so there are a few around....but personally I would feel extremely 'small' in a mini on the roads here. I used to have a Ka in the UK, and have seen them on the roads here too, but when you see the size of some of the big trucks on the roads, and even some of the 4x4s that are driven around by Mums on the school run (coz it's so vital to have something capable of offroading when you drive in the suburbs, don't you know!)...well, in something the size of a mini you'd be like a pimple on an elephants bum to be honest, if the other driver even noticed you at all! Try pulling out of a junction when one of those things is beside you, and you soon realise you need something a little bit more substantial on the roads here! I think the smallest I'd feel happy with is something the size of a Mazda 2 (loads of those around these days!). Having said that, we do have an Austin Healey Midget here - but generally only use that for trips out through the hills (to a winery at the weekend for instance), not everyday driving....

      If you're still determined to go ahead though, these are a bunch of nice people http://miniclubsa.asn.au/
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