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    Thread: How to settle after moving to Adelaide?

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      How to settle after moving to Adelaide?

      Hi Friends,

      As per understanding when we move form overseas (India) to Adelaide after getting PR, we will be able to bring very basic things like,
      clothes, certificates, very basic house hold items. (This is basically my understanding as of now) because, I think the weight limit when we travel will be around 30 kgs per head. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      Also how to arrange at least needed household things like - beds, dining table, TV, refregirator, car etc initially as we cannot carry sufficient converted money to buy everything there from scratch? Or is it common that we stay in the rental house without any basic items for some time and slowly we need to buy one by one? (I am sorry for more questioning - as I am very much worried about my kids who lives here with all comforts :( )

      Also when we arrive with a PR, what would be the percentage of getting job from India or should we/I come first search job and then call the rest of the family? Actually for my job code there is a "high availability" tag is been given in Adelaide but right now I am not sure depending upon Seek site that so many jobs are available. Hence we are worried about how to come and settle down there.

      I request you friends to please guide me in this.

      Thank you very much.


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      hey Uma
      i should advise you to find someone known to u in adelaide and live in a sharing house. This way u dont need to buy much household things as they already got most of the stuff.
      In case if you dont know anyone here just check on the Gumtree Adelaide shared accomodation ads you will find plenty of couples to share the house with and you can find indian couples too to share

      cheers .....

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      Most people moving from the UK tend to book a container, or part container, and bring a lot of their furniture and belongings with them. Some sell up before moving, and buy new when they get here, and others ship over a few tea-chests with their belongings in them. It just depends on your own personal preferences and budget really, although personally I'd recommend shipping as much as you can because it can be quite epensive to replace everything here.

      The majority then book somewhere furnished to stay in for the first few weeks, whilst they look around for a longer term, unfurnished rental. Then they either borrow or rent stuff until their own belongings arrive, make do with as little as possible while they wait, or buy stuff locally.
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      Just to suggest, if your worried about setting up a home with the family, why not come here first yourself?

      Find a job when you arrive and live in a shared house - plenty on Gumtree..

      As I imagine you'll be stressed and worried trying to do everything when you get here with the family..
      Once you get a job you can find a house and start buying second hand furniture, ebay/gumtree easily. Then when your family comes they arrive in comfort..

      But I know this is not an ideal situation, just a suggestion..

      Cheer and good luck!
      Applied to work in Adelaide 29/3/2010 - Landed in Adelaide 13/12/2011 - PR Granted 3/5/2013 Loving it!

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