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      Quote Originally Posted by tina&steve View Post
      silly question really, we are not allowed to say bad things on here about companys!!!
      Negative feedback is not able to be posted on the forum for legal reasons. However, there is nothing to stop a member using the PM system if they wish.

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      Thank you for all the good recommendations for Seven Seas. I think we'll go with them. :-)

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      Hi Natalie & Steve,

      We are moving to Clovelly Park in January from Kent and have a 2 bedroom flat to move with all the bits. We will definitely need a container, but if you live nearby we might be able to share the cost and put your boxes in our container? Where are you moving from?

      Let me know what you think and good luck with the move!

      Quote Originally Posted by NatsandSteve View Post
      Hello all,

      We are moving out to Adelaide in January 2013 and are starting to sort out our packing....bit late...mmm I'm not sure!

      Anyway, as we don't own a house and sold most of our furniture when we moved out of our flat (it wasn't good quality stuff so wasn't worth keeping) we don't have enough stuff to fill a container, or even half a container.

      We have heard about Seven Seas shipping company. They send you boxes, you fill them up, then they come and collect them and ship them! Sounds simple enough but I wondered if anybody has had any experiences with them?! OR do you know of other companies that provide a similar service; i.e. not shipping containers of furniture but just boxes of clothes, books, personal stuff etc. We may still need about 10-12 boxes though. I have A LOT of books! :-)

      Thanks in advance!

      Natalie and Steve

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