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    Thread: Motorbikes Shipping

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      Spanners, - it sounds it, I don't really know, we don't live there yet!! Coming in Oct (to a cinema near you.......)

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      Quote Originally Posted by spanners View Post
      Sell them and get some when you are over here. Look interstate for cheaper prices. If you were bringing something like an oval pistoned NR750 or an original RC30 then maybe but for regular bikes (no matter how loved) its just not worth the effort.
      Heres something else to consider and don't take it as anti bike as I had early 'Blades, fox eye 'Blades, YZF's, etc before changing and racing enduro. The driving standards here are really bad and we all heard about bikers being organ donors in the UK - here bikers get T boned left right and centre. If you can miss the dicks in their cars you'll then have to avoid roos at 150mph!.... and cops - speeding here is on a par with child molesting.
      Sorry - all bad news.
      Have to agree with Spanners on this one I'm sorry to say, you would think that Aus would be fab for motorbikes with the better weather. Aussies call motorcyclists 'Temporary Australians'. When it rains here the roads turn into skidpans, on account of all the junk vehicles on the road. Trying to find a road with a decent surface is hard work. I haven't done a great deal of country driving, but the roads I've used were poor at best, with a lot of potholes and loose surface material. Don't want to sound as if I'm down on bikes, I passed my test in 87 and have had loads of bikes. When we were emigrating I looked into bringing my shiney tricked up Hornet, but after looking into cost and hassle said 'stuff that' and sold it.
      As to road riding over here, where I had promised myself a sports bike next, think I'll be looking at getting a XT660 or similar, get off road basicly as much as poss. Not as exciting I know, but I like having 2 legs, they stop me falling over, lol.
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      Thank you all for your replies.

      We were really looking forward to riding around oz, I had heard bits about drivers being non biker friendly but didn't realise how bad it was, especially about road conditions was expecting them to be really good surface.
      Spoke to hubby both decided to sell bikes here but will enjoy the rest of summer (little that it is) and enjoy perhaps some drier winter days out on it and then sell beginning of year, if they don't sell before we fly out my dad will sell them for us.

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