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    Thread: John Masons Removal & Shipping

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      John Masons Removal & Shipping

      Hi PIA's

      Just wanted to post some feedback for you all. I used John Masons on Monday 17th Dec for a 3 day home pack. I was provided with a 2 man team ( Trevor and Bugsy ) who arrived on time. These guys were incredibly professional as well as well mannered. The first day they worked on the downstairs kitchen and dining room.They also packed and wrapped our 4 bikes from the shed.The 2nd day was the downstairs lounge, upstairs 3 bedrooms and contents of my loft. On the last day they finished up with all the loose ends and then brought all the wrapped items from upstairs down to the ground floor where they stacked them in an order suitable for our 40ft container. The container arrived at 11 am ( the shipping company allows a 3 hour slot to load prior to the container needing to leave again to be back at Port ) and the entire contents had been loaded by 1 pm.

      Based on my experience with them to date I have been really happy. Of course this is only the halfway point in terms of the service, but so far so good. I also wanted exact dates for delivery in Adelaide which they were able to supply ( 15th Feb 2013) and when I requested the name of the ship they were using and the year it was built, they phoned up the shippers and provided me with the details I needed.

      I was pitching them initially against another Removal firm,and the estimates were similar. I renegotiated with JM and they reduced the cost slightly as well .

      Last thing to mention is that I requested that my king size bed be left until the morning of 19th to be dismantled so that I need not organise blow up beds etc, and this was done for me without a problem at all.

      Hope this information might help anyone that was wondering what their service was like.

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      Thanks for posting we have just decided to go with them for April and had the most wonderful estimator Tony (an older chap in a bow tie) that came out to see us, no pressure just helpful and very polite with a twinkle in his eye. They also didn't flog their own insurance just told us about it but said we could shop around. They also negotiated on price.

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