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    Thread: Shipping Problems -Customs Costs Advice Please

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      Shipping Problems -Customs Costs Advice Please

      Hi all,

      We decided to ship our belongings with **********. (Please PM member for company name)

      Cutting a very long story short, I really regret every choosing them as a shipping company and I wouldn't recommend to anyone ever!!

      We booked them to arrive on the Friday to pack up our household belongings, they arrived a day early and then said they couldn't come back on the Friday. They did come back after several phone calls and emails!! We had filled in all the forms confirming that we fly out on the 14th April and that we want our belongings to be delivered after 18th May, as we are in a furnished rental for 4 weeks so won't need our belongings before then. However, after ringing them today to find out if we could add an item to our belongings (which are mean't to be in storage) we are told that they have been loaded into container and it is ready to be shipped, and was then told that our belongings are expected to arrive on the 9th April.........we don't even fly out until 14th.!!

      So after my rant, my question is :

      Does anyone know what the costs are to have your shipment sat on the dockside of customs for any length of time, as we cannot collect our belongings until May as we don't have a rental to go to until after 18th May.

      I will be arguing with ******** about any charges, but just want to get an idea of what it is going to cost so I know what I will be up against.

      Any advice would be greatly received.

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      We used ******** and were really happy with the service so I'm sorry to hear you have had problems. If I remember right I think the quote included a number of weeks of free storage at this end, although I cluldn't be certain. I wouldn't get too stressed by the date it is supposed to arrive as quite often the date slips - our ship arrived a week after the original schedule said. It can then take a while to get through AQIS and if they know you are not in a hurry for your stuff they will probably schedule in for a later inspection so it might be another week or two after the ship arrives before Grace contact you to arrange deliver of your stuff at a time convienient to both of you, which may be a week or more later again. We were in a hurry for our stuff and managed to get it a week after the ship landed, but that was with lots of chasing and getting squeezed in to the schedule. If you don't chase then you might find the timings work out just right.

      Good luck with it all.
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      Hello :)

      Just mentioning from a legal POV for the forum that we can't have name and shames so I have done a bit of mod magic and removed the company name. People may PM you for the name of the company if they wish to know.

      Thanks in advance

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      I would go back to them and ask them to store the goods for you in Oz after they have cleared customs, they would have needed to store them in the UK anyway. personally I would prefer them to be in Oz waiting for me.

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