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    Thread: Suitcase Sizes?

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      Lightbulb Suitcase Sizes?

      Hope this isn't a silly question, but I have no idea on the size of suitcases to buy for me, OH and 2 teenage girls!!
      Singapore airlines say we can have as many items as we want as long as each one is no more than 32kg, I don't know how much you can fit in a large suitcase, I don't want to buy them and then find they are too heavy when full up, or just by more smaller ones anyway?
      Hope someone can advise?!!
      Laura x

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      I would have mainly those sport bag types with the soft tops. You can squeeze quite a lot in. Don't forget to stuff shoes etc with clothes. Then have 1 or 2 of the suitcase type if you have items that need a bit more protection.

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      Is that weight on a permanent visa as I was told because we're on the 495 temp visa we aren't allowed extra weight, is this right?

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      Yes, its luggage allowance for a permanent visa.

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      Hiya Laura,

      How did you request the additional luggage? Did you do it when you made the booking or afterwards by email???


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      Hi Gavin, I havent booked yet, I just emailed Singapore airlines from the website. We havent decided who to go with, my mum and dad have flown with S air and they said they were lovely people.
      Does anyone know how far in advance to book flights, its must cost less the more notice you give?
      Laura x

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      Hiya Laura,

      We have booked ours for 16th August with Singapore. The main reason being the prices dropped significantly on the 15th August saving us a bit of money. On every flight there are different classes at different prices (this is only for the pricing structure and does not dictate where the seats will be), obviously the cheaper classes fill up first so it is better if you book early, also you get the chance to pick where you sit and we booked asap to ensure we were all sat together. (now thinking that may not be a good idea lol).

      I personally would recommend booking earlier if you have decided when you want to go.

      Hope it helps.


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      Hi Gavin,
      Do you have to pay completely when you book or just a deposit? When did you book your flights?
      I'm worried about booking before we sell the house.
      I see Fionas a shop assistant, ooh so am I!! Does she want to do that in Oz?
      Laura x

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      Hiya Laura,

      Yes afraid you do have to pay up in full, we booked three weeks ago. Im sorry didnt realise you had your house on the market, I have probably worried you about the prices now. If i was in your situation i would probably hold fire with booking the flights as if you need to cancel the flights the only way you could get the money back is on your travel insurance as the airline will not refund.

      Fi is open minded as to what she will do over there. She will probably stay off work for a while until the kids settle in and then decide. She used to work in travel and may go back into that but only part time.

      What are your plans? How old are your kids? What does your husband do for a living?

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      Hi Gavin,
      I'll pm you later, should be getting to work now!

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