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If you know your cars and can fix them yourself there are real bargains to be had at the car auctions. We bought a petrol eating 6 cylinder, 4 l Ford Falcon, with 16" Mag wheels already on . 10 yrs old ( which is quite young here) for $4000 saving about $3-4000 that we would have had to pay. We spent about another $1600 over the next 2 yrs fixing the leaky gasket and radiator, but it was still a good bargain. These cars are great on the open road, powerful enough to cruise without feeling like it it's going to break up but economical. Not so good fuel economy in stop start city traffic. If I could afford it I'd have a small nippy car for day to day city driving.
Wow, thanks for that rachiegarlo,
where are the auction houses in Adelaide I don't remember any??
if I can get a car for $4000 dollars then it might be worth looking into, maybe they have a website? I can't believe they don't have MOT, though the car I had out there would have failed miserably, maybe I just can't remember, are the midddle size cars (like a focus) cheaper or more expensive??