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      Really Useful Info re emmigrating to Oz

      Hi there!

      I just sent an email to a friend who is just starting their emmigration journey and I thought others might find it useful as it literally took me months to get all the info together. It's obviously specific to my own journey, but hopefully there will be a few nuggets of wisdom that everyone can use!

      In case you're wondering.... I moved to Oz in 1999 on a Working Holiday Visa but ended up staying for 12 years! However, I got homesick and moved back to the UK in 2011, but then realised I should have stayed in Oz, lol! I arrived back in Adelaide last month (phew!) and here is the info I picked up along the way....

      Firstly, here is a brief overview of what you'll need to do to get dogs across to Oz in the rough order it needs to be done:

      * Up to date annual vaccinations within 12 months of departure with at least a 2 week gap between rabies vaccination
      * Rabies vaccination at least 5 months before departure
      * Blood titre test exactly 4 weeks after rabies vaccs
      * Import Permit obtained from Australia prior to applying for quarantine via daff website
      * Book 30 days in quarantine at least 2-3 months prior to departure via daff website – must have import certificate etc first tho
      * Export Health Certificate (obtained from UK approx 4-6 weeks before departure)
      * Flea and tick treatment 4 weeks before departure
      * Flea and tick treatment at final vet check 4 days before departure

      You need to request the Specimen document that explains the above in much more detail as well as the forms to apply for an Export Health Certificate from petexports.carlisle@ahvla.gsi.gov.uk

      The Import Certificate is done online via:


      Quarantine station info can be found via:


      For any questions re. UK regulations for shipping dogs to Oz and to obtain the Specimen document and Export Health Certificate contact:

      Email: petexports.carlisle@ahvla.gsi.gov.uk
      Tel: 0870 2411710

      If you have specific questions re. Australian quarantine regulations, contact: animalimports@daff.gov.au


      * The day the dog arrives is not counted as a full day so when working out release date, count 31 days.

      * Dogs can only fly from the UK on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so bear this in mind when booking flight.

      * Woofer will need to be dropped off at Heathrow airport at about 4pm on day of their flight.

      * You will need to order an appropriate sized 'vet bedding' to put in crate so.

      If your dog is ready to travel before you are and for some reason you are not able to visit it in quarantine, I'd definitely suggest sending it before you go as that month apart is really awful – or at least it was for me!! You can book a dog walker to come in twice a week and walk it in the exercise yard or give cuddles and treats etc. Post in Poms in Oz forum to find out good walker who specialises in quarantine walks or Google 'quarantine dog walker Sydney/Melbourne etc'.

      Think that about covers it and I hope this is useful to someone! Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

      Best of luck to you all!!


      Emma :)
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