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      to bring your stuff from South Africa or not


      What are the pros and cons of bringing your stuff from SA.

      Is it better to just buy new stuff in OZ??

      Any idea on shipping costs??
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      Sorry can't help on shipping from SA but know that for us it made sense to send our things in a container - once we'd added it all up for the insurance we realised (with 3 children) just how much we would have to replace and that there were definitely things we wouldn't want to leave behind so we just shipped the lot. Even then there were still bits we needed and it got a little tedious to keep going to furniture shops etc when all we wanted to do was be out and about discovering our new home.

      Some people however love the idea of starting from scratch - a brand new beginning in all ways.

      I'm sure a quick google search would give you some SA shipping companies who would then be able to quote you for removals.



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