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      Travelling from NE Suburbs

      Can I have some advice form anyone in the North East suburbs please.

      I am on the middle of a trawl around all the suburbs around all sides of Adelaide (at least it feels like all of them, I am so bored it's untrue!). Anyway I have recently been looking at the North East suburbs around Golden Grove, Greenwith, Salisbury Heights, Wynn Vale etc.

      I'm trying to get an idea of travel from these areas but my issue is that I don't have a job yet and I could end up working literally anywhere. However if I assume that I end up in the city centre my best bet seems to be the O-Bhan from Tea Tree Plaza Interchange which the timetable says takes 21 minutes.

      My questions are, if someone would be so good are:

      a. Does the O-Bhan ususally stick to the 21 mins (would hope so given I understand a lot of the route is a guided bus way)

      b. How long does it take to get to Tea Tree Plaza from say Salisbury Heights (because I'm sad I would be aiming to get a bus just after 8.00am to be in the city at 8.30am)

      c. Is there any issue with getting a parking place at Tea Tree Plaza and how much does it cost

      d. How much does the O-Bahn cost per week, presumably they do some sort of monthly / annual pass

      Any help much appreciated.

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      The obahn uses the same tickets as everything in Adelaide. You can buy a metro ticket which is 10 trips. You validate the ticket in the machine at the front of the bus and at each change of bus. The validation stamps a time at which the trip expires. This is 2 hours after validation. I think the car park at Tea tree plaza is free, pretty much all the park n ride areas are. There are 2 prices for the metro tickets. $27 ish for peak and weekends, $14ish for interpeak which is 9-3. The single trip ticket is about $4.10 and $2ish respectively so it's def worth getting the 10 trip one. These are also available for students and children. Children under 5 are free.
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      Dear Morgan,

      We did our reccie last october and our inlaws live in Greenwith. Very easy and reliable commute into the city from there. We actually left from Golden Grove shopping plaza and then transferred at Tea Tree. We will be looking for houses in that area as well as it's so convenient to get to city. More expensive to buy a house but eaiser to get to city from Northeast I think.


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