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      driving in Australia

      Just wondering is it easy to learn to drive in Australia and is it expensive? :D

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      Just wondering is it easy to learn to drive in Australia and is it expensive? :D
      Its easy enough to learn here. My son got his "Ls" not long after arriving, my daughter now has hers.
      When you get you "Ls" you have to do 50hrs driving, 10 of these have to be at night. These can be done with an instructor of with someone who has driven (in or out of oz) for 2 yrs. The instructor can tick of the things as you do them in the book but all the licensed driver can do is sit with you. Son had about 5 or 6 lessons. Then once you have had your "Ls" for 6 months providing you have pased the test at the end of the 50 hrs you can get you "Ps", which means you can go out on your own for a yr. Then you must sit a "hazard perception" test afterwhich you are on your "P2s" for a year. If you break the rules, speeding etc you go back a yr. So if you do this on your "P1s" you go back to "Ls" which can be very costly.
      Hope theat is helpful
      ps i know a great instructor if you want one

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      Blimey!! sounds like a long process. Thanks for that

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      Its need to be hard as theres so many road deaths in australia, I heard on the radio theres been 138 already this year.

      When your driving in the country every mile or so you'll see tyre marks heading off the road. Probably people falling asleep at the wheel!

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      Yes you are prob right as my sister in law has only been there since sep and her husband had a head on collision last week writing off hes works van(not hes fault so he can claim through insurance)its prob a bit too easy to pass your test in the uk, keri xx

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      lessons cost about $50 for an hour.
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