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    Thread: Customs Clearance in Port Adelaide

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      Customs Clearance in Port Adelaide

      Hi everyone,

      Could anyone recommend customs clearance broker in Port Adelaide to me. I will just packed some important and personal things which about 6-8 boxes when we planning to make our final move to Adelaide in August 2015. I have sent email to a few companies but to no avail. Grateful for any information given.

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      We shipped a few extra boxes separate from our shipping container and didn't need to take on someone this end. They simply cleared the customs check and were delivered out to us by our shipping company. Was very straightforward for us. Same with the excess bag we flew over. It left the day before we did, landed a day or two after and was with us the next day.

      Hopefully someone will be able to recommened someone to you.

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      Hey Ace, do I take you chose your own user name then, lol. From what seems like a very distant memory now, we didn't use a custom agent. We sent 6 fairly large boxes to our temporary rental address. Because they were personal items customs put them into storage for inspection, and sent us a letter to temporary rental. We then went to customs office in Port Adelaide and acted as our own agents, I think we needed passports, contents list, flight no etc. Customs then released them to Acqis (not sure I've spelt that right) basicly Aussie quarantine. Next it was off to Acqis (that's so not right) office, where we made an appointment to have contents inspected, I think about an hour or so later I was at the appointment, job done.

      Little bit of hassle, but it prepares you for the flood of hassle Aussie's going to throw at you. Agent quoted us $800 to do that, I think not.
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