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      The UBD is a good send and very upto date thats why its revised every year , have found it to be VERY accurate , but i also know some people who use there sat navs and find them great to use. cheers Graham
      Hi, I did not say the UBD was not good but by the time it is a few months old it is out of date in the new and expanding suburbs, Golden Grove for one and the Seaford area for another for a start. If you are not looking for streets in the burbs you can't go wrong as along as you remember the hills are in the east, you can also follow the bus stop numbers if you count down you will always end up in the city where you can start again. As long as you can find South, North, Cross or Grand Junctiion Roads you can get any where.

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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi , well my mrs thought it would be good to get a map now ? new map arrived its about 6 years old nice one Sharon ill drive you give me the directions ? . .

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      woody crew
      Quote Originally Posted by marty View Post
      I agree looking at a map does help you take in the area rather than listining to your Nav but the real reason for me answing you is what make and model Nav do you have if it is the same as mine I can let you copy my maps but there is a catch I need a copy ok UK Maps, I have upgraded my nav and now dont have a copy, dont want to buy one cost too much and I have to go to UK in Sept for a few days
      Hi Marty, we have 2 sat navs, we have the navman 510 and the navman F10 (i think) if its the same as yours we will do you a copy of england map for a copy of your oz one! that is if you have not already got one.Might need 2 tell me how 2 do it!

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