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      cant add much here
      but we have just booked flights with singapore to adelaide in oct
      our baby is currently 11 months
      we decided to buy him a seat
      very expensive we thought - about 800 but to sit on our laps it would have been 475 so not loads of difference
      we have also booked a bassinet although not sure what use it will be
      we now need to get a car seat to fit the plane seat
      although i hope the in flight service is better than the customer service which is appalling
      each time you get a call centre in india who have no idea regarding car seats etc
      anyone else have a similar experience?
      as for stop overs, we have 1 night in singapore, hotels were v reasonable - <100 for 4 star

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      Hi Tracey,

      Definately book a bassinet, our little one fitted in it and she was and is a tall girl, the only down side being the fact they cannot stay in it if the seatbelt signs come on,


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      woody crew
      We have looked at doing a stop over but just paying for the hotel rooms (would need 2) seems to be rather expensive, unless anyone can reccommend a cheaper but good one, looked at the marriott but that worked out as over 400 a night, we are going on a very limited budget so I think we will just go straight through.

      Thankyou everyone for your replies, much appreciated.[/quote]

      Tracey, we stayed in a hotel in singapore called Perak Hotel, its about 20 mins from the airport it was a lovely clean hotel, we got a cab from the airport which cost us about 40/50ish singapore dollars (cant remember total price) the staff at hotel were really nice and it was in walking distance to the famous sim lim square and market. also just across the road Bencoolen street you have many food places. if you go into the food hall under sim lim square, you can feed the whole family for about a tenna, thats meals and drinks!
      the rooms in the perak hotel were lovely and clean and didn't cost a fortune, we were recomended to the hotel and since other friends of ours who moved out to oz 2 months ago have also been there and would recomend it. the web site for the hotel is
      take a look
      another hotel we looked at was called Bencoolen hotel
      Good luck, let us know what you decide

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      woody crew
      Quote Originally Posted by deanrm View Post
      Hi All

      Dont want to sound stupid, but what is this phenergan? Its the stuff that sends them to sleep? Is it siutable for 5 and 6 year old? Also, can you take it through customs???

      Hi ya,
      yes you can take medication through customs , as long as its only 100ml or less and needs to be in a clear bag, we took medication for my little girl as she had had a bad ear just before we were due to go away, customs didn't really pay much attention, as long as they see ifs for a baby/child and its no bigger than 100ml.
      good luck

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