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      Sharon and Paul
      Quote Originally Posted by Devon View Post
      Thanks for that Paul - not sure as it is a spouse visa. I will only be going out the once and it will be a new visa as old one expired, hence my temporary visit back to the UK.
      Surely you won't make her get rid of all the shoes but maybe sacrifice something yourself?
      yes she made me get rid of my skateboard 1970;s on e- bay she said i was a fat git and to old ( she still loves me )

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sharon and Paul View Post
      she said i was a fat git and to old ( she still loves me )
      She's only saying that as she needs you to get into OZ

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      I rang SIA the other day and I can confirm that unless your visa says "permanent", they won't give the increased baggage allowance. Cazzie is coming over with me at the end of next month on a Spouse Visa SP47 (I am already a dual citizen) and even though a permanent visa is a formality for Cazzie in 2 years (as we WILL still be together!), the initial visa is temporary, therefore SIA will only allow 20kg. So she is on an Ebay wardrobe emptying frenzy at the moment! Presumably, in 2 years, we can holiday in the UK and take back an extra 20kg worth of goods on the new permanent visa. Will it be 20kg of Next clothes or chocolate, Shreddies and Honey Nut Shredded Wheat? Oh, the dilemma!

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      So Dev when are you back??? In time for the 8th august???.
      By the way we sent extra suitcases with excess baggage at the airport, Maylaysian took one extra for us though so that was a bonus, we were flying on a PR visa though.
      Ill ask OH the others he found for sending lauggage when we looked, I think though excess baggage were the cheapest at the time

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      I'm glad you couldn't find my treat now, I wouldn't want to be part of the cause of your suitcases being too heavy.

      See you soon and looking forward to it.

      Ps 8th August that Sarah is asking about is another night at the Cove, hope you are there in time as you wouldn't want to miss out on all that amazing talent!!! NOT!!!
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Thanks to all for all your replies - looks like I'm out of luck with Singapore!

      Hi Sarah the latest flight is booked for 6th August arriving on the 8th - so will need to recover!!!!!! If your excess baggage can beat price I've got from Transglobal would be grateful if you could send it! Just hoping my OH doesn't get bored and read this (unlikely) otherwise I'm in the doghouse!!!!!!!!

      Hi Cornelia. So sorry about your treat - just can't find it anywhere! As I say it must only be available north of here or even as far as north of Bristol! If you want to get it sent to me let me know and I'll bring it back - yours should weigh next to nothing! Now as for Sarah's she doesn't know it but I'm blaming her treats for the weight - all that Cadburys by the way Sarah am eating a delicious bar of Cadburys as I type - only joking - as you know I must be one of the only poms who prefers the Aussie Cadburys
      Hope to eventually be back in the real world - keep your fingers crossed - although at least I'm getting to the beach everyday at the moment!
      Cathy x

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      I think it all depends on the type of Visa issued. We have PR visa`s ,travelled with Quanta`s from South Aftrica and where allowed 40kg`s each , which was just aswell as my Daughter`s stuff was over weight anyway ( cost a bomb) :) The airline of your choice should be able to tell you the amount . Parting with the shoes will be traumatic :GEEK: good luck with that .

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      Tracey Smith
      We travelled with Singapore on PR visa last September and were told we could only have 30 kgs as we had already validated our visas.

      My daughter has booked with Malaysian to travel this September and when she rang to find out if she could have extra as she was emigrating they told her she could only have 20 kgs. I am sure she is over so I am hoping they will be lenient when she checks in.


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      We are returning to Aus at the end of September, and have extra items we require in Australia.
      I have found a company called VOOVIT on the internet, who are shipping agents, and so far seem very efficient. Everything is done on the net, Initial quotation, order boxes,List contents, arrange pickup etc.
      We were originally quoted 60 for 2 boxes to Aus, max 30kg each, and ordered 3 boxes, which were delivered post free. We then discovered we needed more boxes, and had to pay a 20 delivery fee, so the moral is, make sure you order enough.
      We have now packed 4 boxes and been requoted 80 for the 4, collected in Uk and delivered to the Port in Adelaide.
      I understand that there will be a one off A$200 customs fee in Adelaide, which is payable for up to 10 boxes.

      Our boxes are due for collection tomorrow, and so far so good!!.

      Hope this helps.

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      We went with Singapore airlines as Quantas wouldn't give us 40kg and Singapore would. I booked the flights through a local agent. I didn't want the hassle of sorting it out myself and it was still a good price. The agent ensured we had 40kg each and took copies of our visas which she faxed to the ticket office. We have permanent residency and that's why we were allowed it.
      My Mum, Dad and brother have just arrived (to live). My mum is Australian but left when she was 12. She has an Aussie passport and was only allowed 20kg. Dad was allowed 40kg cos he has a permanant spose visa. Brother was only allowed 20kg as he has a working holiday visa for 1 year only.
      Hope this helps.

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