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      You have to have a permanent visa that states 'indefinitely' on it (this is isngapore airlines) to get your 40kg. However you only get this is it is the first time that you travel on the visa, so if you have already done a validation visit you will only get the standard 20kg.

      Hope this helps

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      Singapore Ailines Baggage Allowance

      Quote Originally Posted by Devon View Post
      Im hoping someone will be able to help!
      I've been looking for a thread regarding extra baggage allowance and can't find it! I've been ploughing through Grandjac and Ian b's posts as thought it was one of them and can't find it that way either! I contacted Singapore airlines to get my baggage allowance increased and keep getting the answer - for certain types of visa the baggage allowance is doubled to 40KG per person - I am trying to pin down if I'm entitled to it when I finally get my new visa.
      Due to certain issues I keep having to delay my flight back to Oz so I've had to indulge in some retail therapy. Hope OH has missed me too as hopefully he won't notice the extra case or two - it is 40KG exactly if I manage to stop now

      I've just spoken to Singapore airlines, and if your visa says on it - 'Permitted to stay in Australia indefinitely' - you will get your allowance doubled to 40kgs. Not the case with Quantas, they only allow 20kgs.
      Good Luck
      Or if you fly via the USA, you get 40kgs anyway.

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