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      Import my car or leave it?

      Hi everyone!!

      Bit of advice needed if thats ok, this shouldnt cause a problem like i did with my housing questions!!!. LOL..(sorry!!)

      Im thinking of bringing my car from the uk which is going to cost around 2k just to get it there, then theres various other costs. Has anyone done this, or is it best to sell it and buy over there?



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      TC for short
      If it's a fairly new, fairly decent one then bring it. You need to have owned it for at least 2 years to avoid a hefty tax bill but to put it into context I had a 2002 Volvo V70 D5 SE with (IIRC) c70k which I got 7k/$14k for. Out here I would be hard pushed to find anything similar for much under $30k.
      Plus IMHO the peace of mind from having your own car with a known history is huge value.

      On the down side, European aircon/climate and engine cooling may struggle in consistent summer heat. It is ony a "may", though - a lot of European summers can be hot too (remember 2003?). More definite are higher servicing costs & a possible delay on getting replacement parts and you may want to explore the cost of replacing the instruments with metric ones (all in KMs over here). You could also lose something if/when you decide to sell due to it being an import.

      Hope that helps.


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      my advise is leave it in the uk and buy my car ford xr6 turbo $26000 look on www.carsales,com.au type in reg xjf 826


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