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      Accommodation in Sydney

      Hi there,

      We're "thinking" of heading to Adelaide via Sydney :-) Have a few days there and then get an internal flight to Adelaide. We usually do self catering apartments. We were hoping to go just before xmas say 21st / 22nd December and then spend xmas and new year in Sydney.

      Does anyone know of decent accommodation. We're not super fussy ..as long as clean and tidy..doesn't need to even be tip top furnishings.

      Hope someone can advise...we're on t'internet at the mo but I betchya some of you good PIA's knows a wee place for a wee scottish family (4 of us) to bring in the bells

      Catch ya'z later.

      Carol Ann

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      Hi there
      We have stayed at the casino which has self-catering apartment - it is called either Sky City I think. But I will pre-warn you that staying anywhere over Xmas/New Year, you will pay premium prices - especially Sydney for new year - the fire work display.

      We had friends here last year who popped over to Sydney for new year and they are not short of a bob or two, but paid a HUGE amount for their hotel room.

      Good luck


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