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    Thread: Flights?

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      car seats

      Hi all
      does anybody know if it is ok to use baby car seats into the plane for 8month old to sleep in or are airline baby cots available that fix to the wall and do they cost?
      any info would be a help.

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      There are sky cots that fix to the wall and are free - just contact your airline to request them when you fly.

      I think there are also a few of the car seats you can use but I am pretty sure that the airlines will only use specific models for safety reasons but not 100% on this sorry


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      you can get baby cots that fix to the wall and you get the seats with plenty of leg room to but tell them when u book or u may miss out

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      We flew with Singapore airlines and they were fantastic....we have 4 boys all of whom were entertained fully for the whole flight......we booked into the transit hotel at Singapore for 12 hrs and had a welcome sleep.......that also was excellent and well recommended for anyone with children as it broke the journey and saved us having to occupy our time in the airport...there is also an open air pool there which we got full enjoyment out of. The price was really cheap...cant remember how much but definately remember it being "Is that all!!!"

      We had 40kg of luggage allowance each which we used.....240kg between us....we had 18 cases all together.......all we had to do was show our one way tickets and our Visa's and we got the full allowance.

      Was quite a hard task though getting all the suitcases in the car with us at this end though so think about that for when you get here also.

      Enjoy! Traci

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      baggage allowance

      For the people who had a 40KG allowance i would like to ask who did you book your flights with and was it from a travel agency or was it over the internet?
      Im just looking for the best place to book with in the future

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      We flew with singapore...but then you already know that dont you?
      Enjoy! Traci

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      We got the 40kg and booked direct on Singapore Airlines website then just called with our details to request the allowance.

      We were told by others we would not get it as we were on an SIR495 and also having a 5 day stopover but we still managed to bluff it


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      we went over we got 40kgs with singapore we told them we were emigrating and asked for a bigger allowance which we got.

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