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i know adelaide is said to be a hick town by the rest of Aus, but it has nearly all the dealerships here.

i don't get the running costs part? ( fuel is cheaper, did anyone notice diesel cheaper than unleaded this monday?)

I reckon you may be able to bring a masserati over and make money ( including luxury car tax), on the same scale you could bring a decent audi over and make money.

A 2nd hand UK car suffers miles more depreciation than a car over here. They tend to have bigger engine sizes here. I think the standard Mazda 6 is 2 litre, the norm is 2.5 V6. only the top end is V6 in UK.
By running costs i ment parts as i dont think the cars or parts are made over here.....????so as a rule anything imported in dearer. Couldent believe the price of fuel .....pleased though just brought a diesel.