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      Dogs - Blood Tests


      I have just received import permits through for our dogs along with a schedule. We need to get their blood tests done one month prior to them flying.

      I rang our vet to find out how much this was going to cost and they quoted me 300.00 per dogs - we have 2 dogs! This was to include the frontline application and confirmation.

      Can anyone tell me how much they paid for these tests as I think this is a little excessive?

      I have rang round a couple of other vets and they are going to get back to me, as none of them knew much about the process...


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      think that's what we paid - we were lucky and only had to have it done the once though - if the result comes back against you (can't remember whether you want it positive or negative!) then you need to have them done again at the same cost.

      I would go with the vet that knows the process - s/he will be able to help if things go wrong as you really don't have much lee-way(?)

      Good luck


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      Our 2 dogs cost about 350 for both in December. This covered all of the different things the blood needs to be tested for, if your dog fails one part of the test you pay for that to be re tested. Ours both failed the lepto and needed to be retested, this only cost us 40 pounds.
      Luckily they were both fine, and flew out, as scheduled, having a good vet and a company to move the dogs who knew what they were doing was invaluable at the time though!

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      That sounds about right, we paid rougly the same for our to westies.

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