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      driving license ?

      Hi guys,

      please could anyone advise me what I have to do to getting a south australia driving license.

      By the way have to start at zero no driving experience... ok have anold tank license but i will not drive with an army tank through adelaide

      Any ideas for driving schools or something like that...

      Thanks in forward Bachmann

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      TC for short
      Guten Abend Bachmann!

      I would really advise you get your driving licence in Germany as quickly as possible. Here you would have to get a learner permit, then do your test, then a P licence & you have to keep a log book & there are limits on who you can have in the car with you.

      Alles gut!


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      Hi TC,

      thx for your fast response.

      Here in Berlin I have to pay between 2000€-3000€ thats a lot of money and thats the reason why I asked for the way to make the license in south australia.

      Another reason is south australia will not recognises the driver license from germany, in this case I hold not within the preceding five years, a Driver's Licence for a car.

      I have to apply for a learner permit and then for this (P) provisional licence I think.

      Its possible to get a job with this provisional license ?

      cheers bachmann...

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