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      Moving melbourne

      Hi Guys.

      I am in Adelaide and thinking to move in Melbourne soon. Although, i like Adelaide most but due to unable to find a skilled Job so far,i have decided to move in to Melbourne. I have in my family my Wife, 1 child and 1 Infant.

      I was wondering, If anybody could assist me in choosing the good suburb(s) in Melbourne to move in terms of affordable House/Units/Apartment, easily access of Public Transport, shopping centers and most Importantly good Primary/Secondary schools which are really good in studies. As I never been to Melbourne before so not familiar with those.

      Also, how good is that to move there and leave Adelaide which is really good in terms of living etc.

      Looking forward for responses soon.


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      I'm not sure there are many people on here that know Melbourne that well. You might want to try having a look on Poms in Oz - I'm sure this has been asked on there many times.
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      If you're already in Adelaide then I'd highly recommend spending at least a weekend in Melbourne to see what you think - it's only an hour on a plane. Check out to see what suburbs you can afford (especially if you're thinking of buying as Melbourne's​ *expensive* in comparison) and then visit them on your trip to see whether you get a good feel about them. You should be able to research school catchments and performance online.

      I reckon you'll find Melbourne very different to Adelaide - job prospects will probably be better but the cost of living will rise significantly and, depending on your budget, you'll possibly end up living a lot further out from the CBD and have to deal with Melbourne's traffic.

      How long have you been job hunting in Adelaide just out of interest? It can often take a while to get something and we found that recruitment agencies were really good for us when we were just starting out. It's also worth bearing in mind that many jobs will be offered as short term contract roles initially but can often become permanent if you perform well. Also it's worth researching the type of CV that Adelaide recruiters expect as I didn't expect it would be that different to my native UK but it is - recruiters in the UK expect 2 pages as an absolute maximum​, in Adelaide 4-5 pages is probably the norm, 2 pages would be considered too​ short.

      Best of luck with your move though whatever you decide 😀
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