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    Thread: Aussie sense of humour/British sense of humour.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rob and Clare View Post
      Was it good ?
      Depended on who was on, they had a Celeb every week who was generally rubbish.

      If Rufus Hound was on it was worth watching.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      Not much when you get into them.

      Had a Beer / boating/ bullsh*t arvo here on Saturday with a couple of Aussies.
      Sat in the boat on the drive,drank lots of beer,spun a few yarns,practised casting from the boat and told some really bad jokes.We even did a small repair - yup - I have chipped Jean Genie!

      Had a great time.

      Upon leaving one said "Ya not bad for a Pom!".......... Big compliment.

      It takes time but eventually you get it :)

      "Ya not bad for a Pom!"

      Exactly what i'm getting sick of, always those little comments always being called a pom, either the meaning Prisoner of Mother England or "POM" short for pommie granite ie, your color of skin..

      Either way it's bad.... next time you talk to a black person say "Ya not bad for a blackie"

      Same difference. I was on the phone over a $350 parking fine (originally $30) and it was not my fine wrong name, and the dumb australian woman on the other end asked for my name.....

      So i spelt it out, she came back saying no not on the system, so i said it again and she went "ohhhh" that's not how you pronounce your name it should be like...... NO i don't care if my name was Marshmellow if i prounouce my name "MarMello" that's my right not yours to tell me after 28 years if my family and myself being called and pronounced 1 way, not some stupid australian tell me i'm wrong condesending little ....

      I'm fed up of having to repeat myself time and time again to every single Australian i've never talked to before, why can't it be as simple as "oh you're british" yes i am moving along.... no no

      Where what part?
      Oh so you're a pom
      what made you move out here? (muttering and stealing out jobs)

      Endless bloody amounts of questions....... 8 years and nothing's changed.

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      as for humor.

      Australia has no concept of humor or entertainment any humor you come across is school yard humor with the exception and i mean the exception.... unless "wogs" as in Greek/Italians etc etc are in it, Fat Pizza, swift and shift couriers, they have the humor dead on, occasionally you do get some good material with ABC such as The Chasers War on Everything, but they go a little too far sometimes but good to watch.

      Australian humor sucks quite frankly, watch Top Gear Australia, they butchered the format removing all comedy from it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Young Flinny View Post
      I believe it was on ITV, hosted by Paul Merton.
      You know the sad part, the UK version was actually funny unlike the version here.


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