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      georgie and steve

      gully hotel, sat 4th july- night out

      Hi all,

      Steve and I are goin out to the gully hotel to get pissed in aid of steves 40th birthday. We will have a good time just the two of us but we reckoned it was a good opportunity to meet some more of you luvely cyber folk if you fancied it. All welcome.
      If you are wonderin who the hell we are then i suppose you just turn up and find out.

      Dont know how we are goin to work this as we have never been to the hotel we cant arrange to be in a specific place, suppose we give you our number and you let us know when you are there, then we say 'we are the very drunk ones singin i should be so lucky'' then you shout ''lucky kucky lucky'' and we find you dead easy then.

      We shall be there from around 7 30.

      Why not club together and buy him a house with a pool, its only polite.

      Georgie and steve

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      Sounds good,Susan and myself fancy your idea of a few drinks and living in Tranmere its not too far away,email me on andy.susanflem@optusnet.com.au or contact me on 0413929774
      Andy & Susan


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