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Hi found that website yesterday just need to spend some time reading it. I am really looking forward to finding new places to run and meeting new poeple but I am unfit after having my kids and hoping that the change in weather will help shed a view pounds.

Just want a target to aim for that is not in the middle of summer - too hot for me. Might dot hat race begining of December? Don't think I will be ready for anything else sooner than that!

Will keep searching....


Hi Michelle,

Just wanted to say what a good idea to have a fitness target... think Ill join you in that! I'm also just thinking about starting running again - I did it after my 2nd baby & loved it and definitely need a fitness goal myself now after my 3rd, and a heap of extra weight to shift!!
Where are you thinking of living... might be able to meet up with you for a run when we get over there too... hopefully at the end of the year. :)