Hi Everyone,

I received an invite yesterday to a Business Women's Brunch motivational speaking event

(Mods I hope this is ok to post in here)

I thought it might interest some of you, I've been to a few of these before and it's a great way to meet people and even make contacts if you are looking for work.

The Brunch is Fri Oct 9th 8am - 11am at the Adelaide Convention Centre, it is $85pp and includes full buffest breakfast and 2 guest speakers, all the money from this is being donated to help get more women in SA Parliament.

If you would like an invite email them on champagne.events@live.com

or you can find out more on facebook!

Boys don't miss out either - there is a Business Leaders Luncheon planned for the near future with current SA Politicians - great way to network your business for all you self employed ppl.

:) . . . . . . And yes I'll be going!

I forgot to add the tickets are 100% tax deductible even if you aren't working!