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      22 yr old male moving to west beach ......

      Hi all,
      names Rob,
      moving to West Beach in December so was wondering if anyone livin in or around the area could help me out with the in's and the outs's of what happens "down under"....lol
      Especialy helpful if somebody could maybe give me some knowledge about local Rugby Union Clubs within Adelaide aswell. I've had a look at a few clubs and Brighton seem to be a cut above...!

      Any help of and advice would be much appreciated,

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      some outhere any info about adelaide at all would be appreciated....lol

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      Hi Ryder! Wow, finally a post with people my own age! I'm Taryn, 21 and I am originally from South Wales =) 22 this month!

      I moved to Adelaide last Dec and I am also trying to meet new people here. I have a friend Ryan who is out from Wales too who is also 21. He is here on a year Visa, but has just got a job with his trade in Lonsdale and is hoping to get spons.. I moved out here with my family and am now a Perm Resident. We live in Moana Heights.

      Where abouts you moving from?


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