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      Hi All,

      April 21st ok for us, day or night at bromsgrove would be fine also.
      look forward to meeting up.

      Tina & Mark

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      Hi, 21 April good for us too. Looking forward to meeting you all - will also be bringing kids if that's Ok if it is in the day

      Cari :D

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      Saturday 21st April - sounds great - Daytime if great and definitely non-smoking. Will be bringing our two girls aged 10 and 7.

      Bromsgrove is great for us, we dont know it well - so, can you suggest a meeting place?

      Really looking forward to meeting others in similar circumstances to us.

      We booked our flights yesterday - flying out on 15th August. Did originally want July, but the price was a few hundred pounds more and this way we can afford to have a nice bread in Singapore for 5 days before arriving in Adelaide.

      Speak soon

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      hi everyone,
      can someone surgest a good meeting place in b.grove. we may have to book or get part of the place cornered off, looks like we're gonna have a good turn out. not sure if any of you know the hilton hotel on the A38 just off jnk 4 M5? we were gonna call them to see if we could meet there( they have a large bar area) other than that not too sure of big pubs in that area where we could meet, can anyone help :lol:

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      Bex & Nick

      There are a few pubs that I see when I go back to B'grove, although I haven't been to them for years:

      The Marlbrook (on the A38 on right hand side just before you get to The Hilton);
      The Guild, which looks quite big from the outside (opposite direction down the A38 towards Bromsgrove);
      The Forest (it's a Harvester pub) which is at Junction 1 of the M42/A38.


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      thank you for sending us those pubs. we will drive over in a few weeks and have a look and see which is suitable. well keep everyone posted. :P

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      hi all how is everyone :?: got our meds on thursday, looking forward to getting them over on done with :D then if we pass, it's of to ad. yipeee. anyone seen any suitable pubs for our meet. my friend went to a meet last week and said it was brilliant. looking forward now. got our flag ready to fly...
      see ya soon

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      Any room for us that live in Adelaide already?! We're back for a holiday for April and May so may tag along of no-one minds :) Will keep an eye on here to see where you will all be.

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      hiya mate. you'll have all the answers then, would be good to have someone there from adelaide to show us the ropes.nice one
      see ya there
      andy kerrie ruby

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      hiya all, we've just been down to the marlbrook toby carvary on the A38 to have a look and find out if we can have our meet there. the pub is a fair size and we could fit up a corner quite well. they will not reserve the corner for us but said come back when it's a bit closer to the day and we'll try and sort something out for you. we were down there at 4pm and it wasn't that busy so we think it will be ideal unless anyone else can surgest somewhere else. the whole pub is non-smoking too. if you don't know it, it's between the M5 and M42 junctions on the A38. hope to see you soon
      andy kerrie ruby :lol:


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