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      meet ups in west mids

      hiya to you all, jus wondering if any one from the west mids area is planning a meet up in the next few weeks/months. should be moving to ad. in aug/sept. anyone in same boat?

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      We're hoping to move in the summer- just awaiting medicals and the final YES!!. We also live in the West Midlands can't wait for sunnier climbs. Love to talk about OZ all my friends and family are fed up of listening to us.

      Good luck

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      Bex & Nick

      We're in Solihull. We've just sent our meds & PC's off so hope to have an answer so that we can go June/July. Are you anywhere near here? Wouldn't say no to meeting up but we're getting married in 8 weeks (and there's so much to do...), so probably best for us after that...let us know if you do want to arrange something.

      Bex & Nick

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      we're off for meds at end of feb. can't wait. hope we get there now. we're in the halesowen area. not too far from solihull. would be good to meet up. will have to set a date. good luck with the wedding

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      Hi All,

      We are in Brierley Hill, and would love to meet up with anyone who is currently going through the same stress as us. We have just got through the skills assessment and are about to send off to our agent the SA sponsorship, so still a long way to go and hoping to go towards the end of the year.

      Please advise the best time and place and we will be there.


      Tina & Mark :

      SIR 495 - Mark - Painter & Decorator
      Skills assessment approved Yippee!!! :lol:

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      maybe best to give it a few more weeks(may have more replies by then) and then try and sort a local meet out. keep plodding on and stay in touch. :P

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      Hi, we are also from Solihull, and would love to meet up with others who are holping to get to Adelaide. Good luck with the wedding Bex and Nick - you are brave taking on a wedding and migration! We are also going for the SIR and have just sent off skills assessment so ages to go yet :D


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      Hi Everyone

      I live in North Oxfordshire but don't mind travelling if you arrange a meet! I am waiting on gov sponsorship and hope to be out in Adelaide in Sept/Oct - can't wait!

      Take care
      Emma :lol:

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      Bex & Nick
      Thanks for the "good luck" msgs!

      I'll keep looking in on this and as lazymazy suggests lets wait a couple of weeks and then get together - maybe somewhere in/near Bromsgrove would be handy for most folks as a halfway point?


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      we're in Tamworth, just got my TRA back and finishing collecting evidence for visa app!

      we get married in september and hope to be in Adelaide either late this year or early 2008!!!!!

      we'd be interested to meet anyone who is/has been the same boat!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!


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