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    Thread: Me and my daughter are looking to socialise!

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      Me and my daughter are looking to socialise!

      Hi, I'm a 35 yo single dad with a daughter who is 3, (4 in April).

      Originally from the UK, I moved out here 6 years ago and married an Aussie chick, we've been seperated for over a year now, nothing messy - I have my daughter 3 nights a week. All of my friends are either much younger than me, don't have kids, or both and I'm struggling to find new friends who are a similar age with similar aged children.

      Today my daughter and I went to the park as we often do and it's no fun for her just playing with her dad, she wants to hang out with kids her age and I want to be able to chill a bit with people my age. I'm an easy going chap, friendly and I can talk about anything, and my daughter's the same, but as my entire family live in the UK, we've got no-one to hang out with.

      So if there any people about my age with kids about the same age who live near Newton, I guess that would be the Eastern suburbs, and would like to meet - PM me or simply reply in this thread. Cheers!

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      georgie and steve
      hiya, we live in dernancourt and have a few friends with under 5s, we have two ourselves, we meet every thursday morning and let the kids run around while we ignore them, also my husband is great at taking the kids out at weekends if i am working, i am sure he would be happy for you to join in. I will pm our number as i dont come on here regularly, so i respond to things then forget to look for the answers. maybe see you, georgie steve tom and bob.
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      Sounds good, although I work full time - that said I have the next two weeks off yay!

      We went to the pool the other day, and I'd hoped to stay there a while, but when my daughter is sitting on the edge of the pool not knowing anyone and looking a bit lonely - it's just not fun, which is a real shame I reckon.

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      hi i dont know how far u r from where we are living--seaford but your welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee, i got 3 kids aged--11, 5, 4...hope to see you :)
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      You are always welcome to pop in for a coffee although I think I am a way from you, I am in woodcroft. As you can see from my signature I have a few children so she would have plenty to play with.
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      hi think we are not tofar from you we are in gulfview heights near golden grove we have 4 kids 3 girls age 2 and half 5 and 9 and a boy 9 months! we often have bbqs at weekends with lots of kids around and go out places let us know what days you have ya daughter and maybe we can arrange something!
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      Thank you guys, I'm gonna see if I can catch up with you all!

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      I know what u mean about meeting people your own age with children the same age. We are the same. The people we have met are lovely and some we are good friends with. I have 3 kids 8,6 and 3. So if u fancy a trip to the beach you are more than welcome. We live near semaphore beach. Oh and if you need a pub buddie for when you dont have your daughter my husband would be grateful.lol

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      hi philip,
      I am in same situation also. My daughter is slightly younger i live in glenelg area but let me know you want to catch up some time ,

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      This is cool. I've already met Georgie and her group, fun group too! Next week me and my daughter go on Holiday for 3 weeks, and my parents are coming down from the UK to join us. After that I reckon I'm going to start trying to hook up with people here. This is actually my Goal for 2010!!!


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